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Ryan Rodriguez

I’m Ryan S. Rodriguez, a seasoned mortgage professional with a 20-year track record of expertise. Holding an Economics degree from Arizona State University, I’ve fostered enduring client relationships, positioning me as the go-to resource for home purchases and refinancing. With over 4 years at Union Home Lending, I continue to provide dedicated financial guidance to […]

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth is a highly dedicated, seasoned loan officer who is deeply committed to delivering exceptional service to her clients. She possesses a sharp attention to detail and is fully committed to guiding her clients through the loan process seamlessly.

Michael Collins

My philosophy centers on building lasting relationships that go beyond transactional interactions. I firmly believe that understanding my clients’ aspirations and concerns is paramount in crafting lending solutions that align with their unique circumstances. I’m dedicated to simplifying the loan process, providing transparent information, and being a reliable resource from the initial consultation to loan […]